Easy AVI Converter

Easy AVI Converter is the free tool for converting any video file to AVI format.

If you have a video file in a different format, and you need your video to be compatible with a specific device (old DVD player or TV), this program will help you easily convert your files to good old AVI and watch it on any of your devices.

How to use

Download and Run the app Easy AVI Converter.

Click the "Browse" button for "Input Video" and find the video you want to convert. If you want to keep the original video name (but only change the extension to ".avi") and the original output directory, just click the "Start" button and wait for the conversion process to complete. It's that simple!

To change the name/directory of the output video file: uncheck "Save output AVI file in the same folder", then click the "Browse" button for "Output AVI video" and specify the output folder/file name.