Easy Audio Extractor

Audio Extractor from Video is a free user-friendly program designed to extract audio from any video file and save it as MPEG AAC (.m4a) or convert to MP3 audio format.

How to extract audio stream from video

After you have launched the program, you need to select the video file from which you are going to extract the audio track.

Click the "Browse" button for "Input Video" and find the video file you need. If you want to keep the original filename for audio and also the original output directory, just click the "Extract" button, and after a few moments your audio file will be extracted and saved to the same folder as the video.

If you want to change the name/directory of the output audio file: uncheck "Save output audio file into the same folder", then click the "Browse" button for "Output audio file" and specify the output folder and/or file name.

How to encode a high quality MP3 audio from a movie

By default, the program extracts audio in aac format (.m4a extention). These files can be uploaded to iPhone or iPad devices etc. If you want to convert audio to mp3, then you need to choose the "Audio Options":

Select the desired quality of the output audio file, from low (128) to high (320) bitrate. Then click the "Extract" button and wait for the conversion process to complete. You will find your mp3 file in the folder specified in the "Output audio file" field.